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Pornography in the Church

Posted by on March 30, 2012

The other day I posted on my personal blog regarding the topic of pornography and the church.

I know the “P” word isn’t one we’re usually comfortable discussing in Christian circles. Or if we do it’s always as someone else’s problem, or we listen to a tear jerker story of someone being set free from addiction.

We like to keep it at a distance. Who wouldn’t? It’s an ugly, ugly problem. While we try to pretend it isn’t an issue ┬áit’s affecting men, women and children everywhere – the church included.

My hopes in sharing my personal experience are to show others they aren’t alone in their struggle and to offer hope for the men dealing with this terrible addiction. I also wanted to offer advice for women as they fight this problem alongside the men in their lives.

It’s an ugly, painful fight, but it’s a fight we MUST win.

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