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God Keeps His Promises

Posted by on July 31, 2018


The word of the LORD came to Jeremiah:

“Have you not noticed that these people are saying, ‘The LORD has rejected the two kingdoms he chose?’ So they despise my people and no longer regard them as a nation.

This is what the LORD says: ‘If I have not established my covenant with day and night and the fixed laws of heaven and earth, then I will reject the descendants of Jacob and David my servant and will not choose one of his sons to rule over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For I will restore their fortunes and have compassion on them.’ ” Jeremiah 33:24-26

In this passage from Jeremiah, God uses hyperbole and sarcasm to make His point. I love it!  I can be pretty sarcastic myself, at times, so that His attitude when the opposition is giving Him grief or calling Him a liar kinda tickles me.  It makes me think that we are more like God than we might ever imagine.

In this passage from Jeremiah, the prophet reminds us that God keeps his promises.  We know this because the sun and moon are still shining many centuries after this word was spoken, and the laws of gravity and sowing and reaping are still in place.

God loves his people, and he cares for them through all generations. He watches over them with a jealous love, and while there are times when the holy people suffer persecution and pain, there is never a time when they suffer without their Savior.

God is always near to his children (one could make a case for Him being closest in the most painful moments), and He always reveals himself in love and compassion to those who earnestly seek him, especially to those who keep looking to Him for protection, provision, and that promise of unending loyalty and devotion.

We may suffer in this world, as Jesus did, but we have the promise of God’s love through that suffering and his reward to come, the other side of the veil.

What promise are you looking for Papa God to fulfill in your life?  What act of His providence reminds you that He’s still 


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