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Author Archives: jared

The Body

In 1 Corinthians 12, a passage familiar to many, the church (group of believers) is referred to as a body. I’ve been pondering that analogy lately. Mostly in thinking about, “what is the purpose of the church?” When I say church, I don’t mean the building, or even the institution. I mean the church, the … Continue reading »

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Missing the Still Small Voice

1 Kings 19: 12 After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. I recently attended the Jesus Culture New York conference with my wife and a couple great friends. It was an amazing time. I knew the worship would be spot … Continue reading »

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To Believe or Not Believe

Welcome to what may be our first truly “controversial” post on the site. If you don’t like controversy, it’s best if you stop reading now. The question here is “simple”, if you will. Can you be a Christian and not believe in one of the “fundamental” items that is typically associated with Christianity? Or more … Continue reading »

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Music Monday: Love Came Down

Continuing in last week’s footsteps, I figured today’s Music Monday would also focus on a worship song that has greatly impacted me. Just to give a little back story, last year, right around this time, I was going through a BAD season of depression and anxiety. BAD. To the point where I didn’t want to … Continue reading »

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Music Monday: The Anthem

I’m going to mix it up a little bit for today’s Music Monday. Instead of reviewing an album, I want to share a song that has had a powerful impact on my life lately. In last week’s post, I mentioned the song “Anthem” featuring Jake Hamilton. This song is incredibly powerful. “Wake up child. It’s … Continue reading »

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Music Monday- Jesus Culture Awakening: Live from Chicago

This week’s Music Monday features the latest offering from Jesus Culture – “Jesus Culture Awakening: Live from Chicago” (iTunes, Bethel) I know it’s a cliche, but I’m not sure there are enough words I could use to describe how powerful this album is. Since it was recorded during a Jesus Culture conference, it definitely has … Continue reading »

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Pornography in the Church

The other day I posted on my personal blog regarding the topic of pornography and the church. I know the “P” word isn’t one we’re usually comfortable discussing in Christian circles. Or if we do it’s always as someone else’s problem, or we listen to a tear jerker story of someone being set free from … Continue reading »

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Music Monday: Defender

I happened to stumble on the music of Chris McClarney almost by accident. I had heard the song “Your Lover Never Fails” a bunch of times (made by popular by the Jesus Culture version), and had seen Chris listed as one of the writers on Hope of Heaven. Then we became friends on Facebook through … Continue reading »

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Have you ever been labeled “religious” because you had a view point that didn’t agree with someone else when it came to spiritual matters? If someone is truly acting in a religious / inappropriately judgmental ways, let’s address it for what it is. By religious or religious spirit I’m referring to acting like a Pharisee … Continue reading »

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Music Monday: Hope of Heaven

My lifelong friend / brother, Dave Fitzgerald, released his debut album “Hope of Heaven” in the fall of 2010. “Hope of Heaven” was recorded live at Bethel Church, home of the artists behind “The Loft Sessions.” The album can be found on iTunes, Google Music, and from Dave’s site. And no, I don’t get a … Continue reading »

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